Join the ANNA Experience team

I’m looking for naturally helpful super humans to join the Customer Experience team in 2019. Could that be you?

Who and what is ANNA Money?

We’re a unique lineup of individuals from the worlds of banking, technology and brand design. Our customer care capability is based in Cardiff, where we have a number of 24/7 shift patterns waiting for enthusiastic support experts.

ANNA Money is a business current account that comes with handy admin services — all in an app — so it’s like having a personal finance assistant in your pocket. Our service is designed for small businesses and sole traders, and helps free customers from boring day-to-day chores, like managing invoices, tax and expenses.

What’s the job?

The Customer Experience Team supports the onboarding process — making sure we get all the right ID and company information to set up a new account in less than 10 minutes. Agents also help customers with all aspects of the current account and ANNA admin services, including payment queries, our invoice management service, and technical issues in the app. We’ll be launching lots of new product features in 2019 too.

Customers talk to us in a number of ways. Primarily through in-app chat, where we aim to manage all elements of their account. We also support them on social media through Facebook and Twitter, occasionally by phone, and trusty old emails have a big place in our work too.

Michael Angelo Stanton, Customer Experience Manager

‘ANNA is a unique place to work and offers you a genuine feeling of belonging. To be part of such a creative, multicultural team that supports both personal and professional growth is a breath of fresh air.’ Michael Angelo Stanton, Customer Experience Manager.

Who we’re looking for

I need people with superb written English and great communication skills. Ideal candidates will be innate problem-solvers who are excellent at explaining things, and have an inexhaustible amount of patience. The admin assistant side of ANNA is key, so you’ll stand out if you know what it’s like to be freelance or run a small business, or have had exposure to financial admin or accountancy. Most importantly though, you’ve got to like people. Here’s the job description to see if this sounds like you.

Interested? I’d love to see your CV. Send it to

If you know a business owner or sole trader who’d like to do less admin, they can download the app and enjoy ANNA free for three months.