5 things we learned from our ANNA Money customer workshop

The ANNA UX team caught up with some of our Early Bird Facebook community at ANNA HQ. The mission: to get underneath what customers need and want from their business account — and us. Here’s a peek at what we discovered.

The amount of control our customers want over their banking and admin features varies hugely. Part of the challenge we face building ANNA is to serve up a fantastic level of financial and admin assistance — think seamless, frictionless solutions that happen before you’ve thought about it — combined with clarity on how we calculate or do things in the background. Customers love the ease of using chat to create invoices, for example, but want better verification that everything has been done ‘just right’. We’re working hard on balancing both.

When it comes to assistance, customers want a bit of ‘automagic’

We live in the age of the side hustle

ANNA is popular with freelancers juggling work gigs, or people who are launching startups on the side of a day job. The speed of onboarding is one reason customers like to use the ANNA app to jump-start projects.

Some people think our customer service team is made purely from bots

The ANNA experience is made up of nice humans working around-the-clock in customer support, and our AI-powered chatbot. The bot hands tasks over to our customer service agents if it can’t solve a request straight away. For us, this defines teamwork.

Our customers are smart when it comes to work-around solutions

One ANNA Early Bird is using WhatsApp to send screenshots to his accountant. We recently added statements to the ANNA ‘thunderbolt’ menu in CSV and PDF form, which is making life easier for ready-reckoning and reporting. Customers want more details around merchants though (businesses they’re buying from), so that’s now on our development shopping list.

Tech moves fast, but people are reliably late

The most fun moment of the evening? We asked the group if they had a schedule set up to do expenses in time for their tax return. Best answer: ‘Yes, I have that inked in my diary. It’s always six months after the due date.’