A message from ANNA’s co-founder

We want to apologise for the disruption to incoming and outgoing payments that affected a small number of our customers last week. Your feedback has been invaluable in helping us improve our level of service for the future.

What actually happened?

ANNA works with a third party provider to manage payments. Occasionally, due to maintenance or technical issues, disruptions to service occur. ANNA is usually informed about any potential disruptions so that we can let you know ahead of time. Unfortunately, last week we didn’t receive any notice until after the fact.

On Tuesday 9 April, our third party payment provider experienced a technical issue that meant incoming FPS Payments experienced lengthy delays. Then on Saturday 13 April, outgoing FPS Payments were delayed until the evening because of system maintenance.

How we handled it

Our customer support team worked round the clock to make sure our affected customers were not left out of pocket. We looked at the unique circumstances of each customer and made credits where necessary to ensure business continuity.

Going forward

While downtime due to maintenance or technical issues is out of our control, it is not an excuse for poor service. We’re working closely with our third party payment provider to make sure any future communication about downtime is up to ANNA’s standards.

It’s our priority to keep you better informed, both in the app and via email. Please don’t hesitate to share ways in which we could continue to improve. Thank you for continuing to place your trust in ANNA Money.

Eduard Panteleev
CEO and Co-Founder of ANNA Money.