6 ways to get the perfect miaow: Make Miaow Great Again

Here at ANNA we’re discontinuing our live Miaows as Pickles isn’t up to the job. We tried, but he just doesn’t do what we ask of him. So we’re asking everyone to submit their best miaows to either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with #ANNAmiaow, and the best one will become our new contactless sound.

If your cat is being a bit of a diva, we’ve got six great tips to help you get that perfect miaow and enter our Make Miaow Great Again competition.

1) Cats are usually in a good mood between 3.25pm and 3.27pm. Plan accordingly.

2) Open your laptop and hit record on Photobooth. It’s only a matter of time.

3) Entice your cat with a healthy snack, like a Bat you found in the garden.

4) Ignore your cat until it gets to the kneady stage: the perfect time to grab that miaow.

5) Read your cat your business plan and have your phone ready to record their feedback.

6) Does your cat’s miaow resonate “contactless payment”? No? Try again.