The power of the page

In a digital world, here’s why the ANNA Money team still love to carve things out on paper.

Daljit Singh, Chief Design Officer
The power of the page is to get down the things on my mind that I’ll forget. Then I go back to the design, prompted by the empty spaces.

Daljit Singh’s creative digital strategy starts on paper

Will Cookson, Creative Director|
This is how the ANNA ‘thunderbolt’ menu was born — on a plane to Moscow. Here, it’s the ‘magic button’ that emerged from sketching our future design system.

ANNA Money’s thunderbolt menu takes off

Sarah Wharton, Consultant Copywriter
I draw as much as I write, which reflects the way I think — in stories of one kind or another. This scribble is the start of an ANNA film script.

Brainstorming a film about trust

Kiril Paraska, Product Owner, Tax Admin Service
When you’re writing by hand your brain works in a different way — tasks in chaos find order. Here’s step one of creating a new product for ANNA.

ANNA’s digital tax admin service, by fountain pen

Tim Mitchell, Communications & Content Consultant
I like to scamp our ads, storyboards or landing pages, and send photos of them to the designers — a nice and efficient process.

To-do lists and landing page scamps