Welcome to ANNA Money

ANNA is a service designed to help creatively-minded SMEs keep on top of their business finances and accompanying admin.

That means invoice payments, chasing clients for money, tax reminders, forecasts, expenses, payroll, and lots of other things in between. If it means other things to you, we’d like to know about it, because our product development roadmap is open to the needs and wants of our first 2,000 customers.

The development of our service is based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, where popular interactions are made into automated tasks. As we launch and create new features, many of the interactions you will encounter with ANNA are with friendly humans based in Cardiff.

It’s good to talk.

The service is created around an intuitive chat interface, where the majority of your interactions happen. Ask ANNA to do something, and the experience will start. If you get stuck for inspiration, our lightning bolt will throw up some options. One example — ask ANNA to pay someone, and you’ll be asked to provide the payee name, account number, amount and reference — and you’ll be supplied with a payment draft that you can pay straight away, or at a later date.

ANNA’s chat interface

We have chosen chat as our main interface for 2 reasons.

The first is that we feel our customers want an assistantto help with finance, and dashboard-based services feel too restricted and impersonal. You can ask Anna anything and the service will accommodate wherever it can.

The second is that finance admin is dull, and most finance brands are dull too. We want to be no nonsense with our service, but entertaining, creative and friendly at the same time.

Regular updates

Our development team make updates to the app on a weekly basis as we quickly improve the layout and experience for our first customers. Developing AI always starts with real, human interactions, and learning from each one, improving and teaching the AI to respond quicker and more efficiently than people ever could. Our launch period is inviting small business owners and Sole Traders to join us to help us create ANNA. As a thank you for being involved early, all our early customers will receive ANNA free for 3 years. 

Thanks for your interest in Anna, if you’d like to give us a try you can download the ANNA Money app from:
Apple App store
Google Play

Or just visit https://anna.money